We are not the cheapest Tuna Charter!

This Charter is More Expensive than our Port Phillip Bay Charters because…

  • You get a full day on the water (~7:30am to 4pm)
  • You travel offshore up to 60km (1 hr each way) sometimes to get the best fish
  • The boat is constantly moving, trolling for fish and burning fuel
  • Expensive heavy duty tackle and fishing gear is supplied and maintained
  • Offshore charters this distance from the mainland requires a fully qualified local skipper on board (Med 3 and Master 5)
  • Properly maintained safety gear is mandatory

One the Cheaper Charters, this may happen

To reduce costs, a lot of charter operators use larger boats which have higher capacity but can be problematic from a fish perspective. This way there can be up to 20 people fishing from the same end of the boat in relatively the same space of water. You don’t need to be a maths genius to realise that your chances of catching your own tuna are far less than on a smaller boat covering the same area of water.

Larger boats also take longer to get out to the fishing area (which can be in excess of 1 hrs boat ride from the shore) meaning you get less fishing time and more time just standing on a boat.

Our boat is a smaller craft which fits up to 6 people. Our twin 150’s make sure we get out to the marks quickly so you get more fishing time during the day. Our focus is on you having a good time with your mates and catching a tuna, not watching other people catch tuna.

Another great fish May 12

Another great fish May 12


$300 per day* (inc $150 deposit)

Time: Full day charter ~7:30am – 4pm

We sometimes have a few spaces spare and if we do you can get an even better rate. Call us to check availability for the dates you want to fish. Joining other groups can be a great experience and meeting new friends who are just as nuts about fishing as you are is what life is all about.


$250-350 per person, per day* maximum of 6 people (deposit required of $400)

Time: Full day charter ~7:30am – 4pm

$1500-$1800 (depends on the day of the week) gets you the whole boat to yourselves up to a maximum of 6 people per group. That means it can be as little as $250 per person, per day. Discounts apply for 2 consecutive days of fishing during and for weekday charters. Often consecutive days of fishing are popular because you’ll double your chance of catching more tuna!

*Due to high demand, deposits are required to secure bookings. Pricing and bookings depend on availability. Balance owning needs to be paid  in full on the day of departure. If you have booked a charter and paid the required deposit for the entire booking, the deposit is forfeited.