Bluefin Tuna Charter details

Where is it

We fish out of Portland which is one of Victoria’s oldest towns located 5 hours drive West from Melbourne. See the map below for a rough idea. We fish from here because it’s one of the closest entry points to the sea from the continental shelf. The Bluefin are a deep water fish and tend to stick near where this shelf runs along the southern coast of Australia.


How Much Does it Cost

All our tuna charters are a full day charter and due to the weight of the fish you can’t have maximum capacity on board the boat. Expect to pay around $250-350 per person for these charters now matter who you go with. For a full price guide visit this page.

Why so expensive?

The main reason they are expensive is because we need to travel quite far off-shore in order to get to the area where the tuna are. When you catch tuna you also need to troll for them meaning that we burn nearly a full tank of fuel each trip. Heavy duty expensive quality fishing gear is also needed for these fish. Throw in government regulations and two experienced skippers and the costs are quite high for all charter operators.

What Do I Have to bring

Everything is included except the following items

  • Transport to and from Portland
  • Wet weather gear including warm clothes
  • Food
  • Drinks
  • Sunscreen and sunglasses to protect from the sun
  • Victorian fishing license
  • Esky to put your fish in at the end of the day

The Boat

The boat is a custom built Powercraft from Tasmania especially built for fishing charters.


  • Easily fits 10 people but 6 person maximum capacity for tuna fishing (weight of the fish you catch limits the load)
  • Qualified to travel up to 30 nautical miles offshore in search of the best tuna – Master 5 and Med 3 onboard
  • Twin 150HP ETEC engines
  • All necessary safety equipment – Radio 27meg VHF, HF, flares, life jackets, first aid etc.
  • Lowrance GPS sounder to find the fish quickly and easily
  • Fully decked out with a range of light and heavy rods and tackle
  • Esky and live bait tank

After you catch your tuna

After you catch the big one, your fish is immediately bled and then filleted back at the cleaning table by our staff. Then its yours to store in your own personal esky or take home for the missus to cook up. Remember its illegal to sell your Bluefin Tuna without a licence. Also bag limits of 2 tuna per person apply because we need to protect this fish for generations.

Getting There and Meeting Points

All fishing charters leave from the Portland boat ramp near the centre of town. This is where we meet before heading out in the early morning.


Booking Availability 2016

Bookings and availability are best discussed with Steve the owner. It’s always best to book in advance to be guaranteed a spot on the day of your choice. We do get the odd cancellation however so it’s always best to call Steve for an accurate idea of what space he has available for the dates you are wanting.  Sometimes if he has to fill one or two spaces you will get a better deal.