We Are Nearly Booked Out! Bagout Tuna Fishing Charters Portland, VIC
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We Are Nearly Booked Out!

Our Bluefin Tuna Fishing Charters are well and truly back in full swing!

These fantastic fishing trips are launching daily from the town of Portland, VIC.  Portland offers us close access to the deep waters, where thousands of Bluefin Tuna congregate. Indeed, only a few weeks into the 2021 season, there are vast numbers of bluefin tuna around already, causing our phones to ring off the hook!

This year, we’ve been particularly inundated with pre-bookings. This is because the tuna fishing season is very popular, and our boat is restricted to just 6 people per charter.

In light of our large number of pre-bookings, be sure to contact us for updated availability; with unpredictable weather and cancellations, we often have to shuffle everyone around, and pre-booked spots can become available closer to the launch date. Also, it’s a good idea to look for Monday and Friday bookings, or alternatively, mid-week bookings Tuesday through Thursday, for the best deals.

Do not hesitate to head to the bookings and inquiries page on our website to make a booking. Thanks!