Daily Tuna Fishing Charters Rescue Portland, Victoria
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Our Portland Rescue

Our Portland Tuna Fishing Rescue March 2023


It could have been the best and worst day at Portland.


We had a great morning with glen from hook up bait & tackle getting a nice 85kg blue fin & then we heard on channel 16 that a boat had turned over. With two people on board the coast guard gave out the coordinates, so we immediately started looking as we were in the vicinity. We decided to go in closer as that’s the way the wind was blowing.


We then spotted two people in the distance, as we got closer, we realized that it was the guys in the up turned boat. They were both sitting on the nose of the boat that was upside down. It all ended well


Thank god for that 🙏


View our video on Facebook Here: https://fb.watch/jAUrx-6TF1/


They were fighting fish for over 2hrs when a wave landed in the back of the boat then another hit them from the side & flipped the boat.


I just found out the boat washed ashore in browns bay beach in Port MacDonnell so the boat had drifted about 60km in 5 days.


Boats can be replaced but human lives cannot be replaced!


Remember to always have your safety equipment up to date because it’s your lives at risk. Maybe it’s a good idea to have a personal EPIRB on you like these guys did because that’s how they were found.


Articles about this incredibly lucky event can be found here: